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a负责业务需求的统一 Is responsible for the service demand the unification [translate] 
a颗粒表面的吸附能力加强, Pellet surface adsorptive capacity enhancement, [translate] 
a英语中的性别词和表示性别歧视的词也在开始更换成无性别歧视表示或无性别歧视的词。例如,mailman已换作postmaster, fireman换作fire fighter, policeman换作security officer或police.连housewife也有了对应的词househusband.并开始为人们所接受。不表示婚姻状况的称谓MS自20世纪70年代初创造以来,迅速广泛使用。《华盛顿邮报》在1970年春就开始摈弃某些女性的词汇,例如,divorcee,blonde,vivacious,pert,dimpled,cute.但阻力还是很大的,米勒与斯威夫特提到过,有一则为NBC(美国国家广播电视公司)新闻部做的广告,就曾把 [translate] 
aSo then the next week, we’d sit around on Saturday night and say, “What should we do?” and we all knew what we were going to do, and we would “turn on.” We were exploring this inner realm of consciousness that we had been theorizing about all these years and suddenly we were traveling in and through and around it. At t 那麼然後以後星期,我們坐星期六夜,并且言, 「什麼應該我們做?」 并且我們全部知道什麼我們打算做,并且我們「會打開」。 我們探索我們推理關於所有這些歲月知覺的這個內在領土,并且我們突然旅行在和通過和在它附近。 同時,當然,在第二個星期以前,它,好像我們在西藏旅行,和現在,在學校餐廳,和一起我們消磨時間? 我們消磨時間和我們去西藏的人一起,因為我們分享了這非常強有力的經驗。 [translate] 
aPls find the attached report for your reference. [translate] 
abrake off 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ainstall black cartridge 安装黑弹药筒 [translate] 
apress the select button to enter 1st person mode.aim and fire at the target on the gate to open it. 按精选的按钮输入第1个人mode.aim和火在目标在门打开它。 [translate] 
a对不起,我们餐厅没有橙汁 Sorry, our dining room does not have the orange juice [translate] 
a溧阳国瑞税务师事务所 Liyang country auspicious tax affairs teacher office [translate] 
a有好的学习英语的方法也是很重要的。 Has the good study English method also is very important.
amany researches about cement-based material have Portland cement be matrix 许多研究关于基于水泥的材料安排波特兰水泥是矩阵 [translate] 
aCANDY Chan 糖果Chan [translate] 
aI believe。   I am still I believe.   I am still [translate] 
agood information sources for good information sources for [translate] 
a委婉地拒绝或者建议寻求他人帮助 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNumber of activations with this AdobeID has reached the limit. Please use some other ID to activate. 活化作用的数字与这AdobeID到达了极限。 请使用某一其他ID激活。 [translate] 
a我只是觉得她们夏天会很热 I only am thought they can be very hot in the summer [translate] 
a现在有许多人关注它 Now has many people to pay attention to it [translate] 
a开关按钮,和你设计的电量显示按钮。相同! The switch button, the electric quantity demonstration button which designs with you.Same! [translate] 
aAny updated,we will keep you know asap 被更新的其中任一,我们将保留您尽快知道 [translate] 
aadvice on storage compatibility 忠告在存贮兼容性 [translate] 
a品德高 The personal character is high [translate] 
a本次调查涉及的玻璃器皿和塑料器皿为没有内毒素控制要求的常规用品 This investigation involves the glassware and the plastic household utensils for do not have the endotoxin control request conventional thing [translate] 
awho issues the announcement 谁发布公告 [translate] 
aIf I could be with you [translate] 
a在骂日本的同时想想你们 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aINVESTING IN GREEN 投资在绿色 [translate] 
a你能提供电水壶 You can provide the battery acid pot [translate] 
aI got a letter informing me I had won first 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他的阅读速度极快,据说“读书能一目十行” His reading speed is extremely quick, it is said “studies can the rapid reader” [translate] 
a机器没有运行 The machine has not moved [translate] 
a泵起动前检查托架油室的油位是否在规定范围内。 Before the pump starts inspects the bracket oil chamber the oil level whether in stipulation scope. [translate] 
a混合两种颜色 Mixes two kind of colors [translate] 
aalways wear full fire prevention gear 总穿戴充分的防火齿轮 [translate] 
aFTVGirls 2011-11-05 Emilee,Kasey FTVGirls 2011-11-05 Emilee, Kasey [translate] 
a公司在政府相关资金的扶持下2008年公司固定资产投资继续扩大,在原有一条集装袋生产线的基础上,又新建成了一条小编织袋流水生产线, 2009年初完成了安装调试并投入运行,到目前为止我厂是青海省唯一拥有集拉丝、织布织带、裁剪印刷、成品制作的集装袋生产线企业,并初具一定的生产规模,集装袋年生产能力已达到200万条,小编织袋年生产能力达1000万条。实际拥有资产2530万元,固定资产1574万元。由于公司一贯坚持“管理为本、质量为先、服务为诚、信誉为重”的方针,狠抓产品质量管理,注重对客户的售后服务,所生产的一系列产品深得用户的信任和欢迎,因此公司在激烈的市场竞争中生存能力有了很大的提高。为了进一步拓展市场空间,2011年公司为了缓解物流 [translate] 
a我在上班,现在有点忙,不好意思 I am going to work, now a little is busy, embarrassed [translate] 
aMerry Christmas and a happy every day 圣诞快乐和愉快每天 [translate] 
aНаташа, завод спросить можно загрузить один контейнер перед праздником и другой контейнер после праздника? Natasha, plant to ask it is possible to load one container before the holiday and another container after holiday? [translate] 
ano creo. 我不创造。 [translate] 
a라이트 점퍼 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aattract more talented applicants 吸引更加有天才的申请人 [translate] 
a台河来自朝鲜族语言。在七台河建市之前,聚居在我市(现)勃利县杏树乡 七台河市 The Taiwan river comes from the Korean National Minority language.Constructs in front of the city in Qitaihe, lives together (present) in my city Boli County apricot tree township Qitaihe [translate] 
a九千九百九十六 9996 [translate] 
a往水泵内注足液体(引液) The note full liquid (directs fluid) toward the water pump in [translate] 
aStromsveien 161 Stromsveien 161 [translate] 
aSafety Coordinator: The safety coordinator is used to control and coordinate the safety processing that is managed by the safety measures. It also executes the control algorithms that are specified by the safety policies. 安全协调员: 安全协调员用于控制和协调由安全措施处理的安全处理。 它也执行由安全政策指定的控制算法。 [translate] 
aI think the picture shows us how fruit is necessary to life. 我认为图片显示我们怎么果子对生活是必要的。 [translate] 
a你会恨我吗? ¿Usted puede odiarme? [translate] 
areactive oxygen species 易反应的氧气种类 [translate] 
a你虽然比我小,但你却懂的比我多. Although you are younger than me, but you understand actually are more than me. [translate] 
a感觉好热哦 Feels hotly oh [translate] 
a来电铃声从蓝牙耳机端和测试机端同时输出 Comes the electric bell sound from the blue tooth earphone end and measured the testing end also outputs [translate] 
a以至 Down to [translate]