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aIn the first fight with the flame-headed demons, as soon as you land, turn right and run into the structure. Look for this Treasure on above some stairs along the back wall. 在第一次战斗与火焰朝向的邪魔,当您登陆,向右转并且跑入结构。 寻找这件珍宝上面有些台阶沿后面墙壁。 [translate] 
apussy hair 貓頭髮 [translate] 
amy is name mike 我是命名话筒 [translate] 
aMy old love 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aUpload your file here 这里上装您的文件 [translate] 
a质量检测机关 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a过了此山无鸟叫 Crossed this Shan Wuniao to call [translate] 
aas long as you are with me all the way ,and the nights are no longer lonely 只要您一直是以我和夜不再是孤独的 [translate] 
a一份MBL,相同的发货人和收货人为什么要出两份BL呢 MBL, why the same consignor and do the consignee have to leave two BL [translate] 
aLove the people around me! Lucky everyday 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a徐晓娜 Xuシャオは優雅である [translate] 
a我想吃面条。哪里有? [translate] 
aAt that moment my heart you will never know 在那片刻我的心脏您不会知道 [translate] 
a电极 Electrode [translate] 
aHowever, the new estimates indicate that from the mid-1980s, more and more developing countries have begun to reform their farm policies. 然而,新的估计表明从80年代中期,越来越发展中国家开始改革他们的农厂政策。 [translate] 
a这是我的日记 This is my diary [translate] 
aI was very demoralized because distance was too far 鍥犱负璺濈鏄お杩滅殑锛屾垜闈炲父琚ず蹇椾簡 [translate] 
abuild:v3.08 11wk41 b02 MW OpenGL MN [translate] 
aLead (Pb) 主角(铅) [translate] 
aok~ u r smart!! i fu le u ok~ u r聪明!! i fu le u [translate] 
a希望各位投资者能到我市来投资,谢谢 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe investigations were realized on dual-delay-line SAW-devices based on AlN as piezoelectric layer. 调查在双重延迟线根据AlN的看见设备体会作为压电层数。 [translate] 
aLife is more than just following What people say it's right 永远 [translate] 
aIncremental Feature Selection 增加特征选择 [translate] 
aAm I altogether a Bird 一共是我鸟 [translate] 
a你还在大学学习吗?那你应该把主要精力放在课程学习上。如果有时间,你再学一些汉语。你不必花那么多的时间给我找葡萄牙语学习资料。这件事并不急迫! You also study in the university? Then you should place the main energy the curriculum to study on.If has the time, you study some Chinese again.You do not need to spend that many time to look for Portuguese study material to me.This matter is not urgent! [translate] 
a1997年6月云南大学旅游系旅游管理专业毕业 In June, 1997 the Yunnan University traveling was the traveling management specialized graduation [translate] 
a多楼层店铺 Multi-floor shop [translate] 
aAt the same time,you just should be sure of that you are a excellent girl,which is the reason of what I said above. 同时,您应该是您是一个优秀女孩,是什么的原因的肯定的那我说上述。 [translate] 
a长春市南关区亚泰大街5211号五环国际大厦1202室 Five links [translate] 
a中小企业会计电算化的应用现状和思考 Small and medium-sized enterprise accountant computerization application present situation and ponder [translate] 
a这是我应该做的。 This is I should do. [translate] 
a会成真 Meets Cheng Zhen [translate] 
aINTENDED FCL CONTAINER DELIVERY CUT-OFF : 22 FEB 2012 12:00 意欲的FCL容器交付切除: 12:00 2月22日2012年 [translate] 
aAll discussions of poetry are, in fact, preparations for reading it aloud, and the reading of the poem is, finally, the most telling “interpretation” of it, suggesting tone, rhythm, and meaning all at once. Hearing a poet read the work in his or her own voice, on records or on film, is obviously a special reward. But e [translate] 
a现在我们的付款方式做出一些更改。从这张订单开始,我们收10% 的定金后,形式发票才会正式生效。另外,当我们收到90%的余额,我们才会电放给你 Now our payment method makes some changes.Starts from this order form, after we receive 10% earnest money, the pro forma invoice only then can become effective officially.Moreover, when we receive 90% remaining sum, we only then meet the electricity to give to issue to you [translate] 
a你是否收到我发给你的照片吗? Whether you do receive me to issue your picture? [translate] 
aKeuringsdocumenten conform EN 10204 测试的文件一致和10204 [translate] 
athe nuclear family depend more on its immediate neighbor than on relave 核心家庭更依靠它的直接邻居比在relave [translate] 
aBIM-server, and a critical review and analysis of current collaboration platforms that are available to the AEC BIM服务器和对AEC是可利用的对当前合作平台的评论和分析 [translate] 
aUnsere innovativen und energieeffizienten 我们创新和省能源 [translate] 
a木质素 Lignin [translate] 
aembedding into 埋置入 [translate] 
aThe best wishes to you 最好祝愿对您 [translate] 
aSelect the appropriate business type and use the check as verified column to check off as documents are ready for the meeting. 因为检查的被核实的专栏作为文件准备好会议,选择适当的企业类型并且使用检查。 [translate] 
a我可以给你几点建议。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a������ʥ�Ļ��� 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acould not insert 不能插入 [translate] 
aClick here to continue shopping 这里点击持续购物 [translate] 
a英语视听说是一门特殊的英语技能综合课程。其特殊性体现在输入手段的多样化,即“视”“听”“说”并举,旨在“听说领先,重在应用”的高职英语专业人才培养目标努力。本课程结合了听力,口语课程的一些基本功能,提高学生的听力理解水平,口语表达能力和语言运用的分析能力,增强学生的自主学习能力,提高综合文化素养。 English seeing and hearing said is a special English skill comprehensive curriculum.Its particularity manifests in the input method diversification, namely “regards” “listens” “to say” developing simultaneously, is for the purpose of “hearing is in the lead, heavy is applying” the quality English pr [translate] 
aYML Istanbul told us that YML switch the service from Kline to CSCL. And now they’re waiting for CSCL ‘s confirmation for both space ava. and cutoff extention. YML 伊斯坦布尔告诉我们那个 YML 开关从克莱恩到 CSCL 的服务。现在他们为了间隔的 ava 在等侯 CSCL 的确认。和截止期的 extention。 [translate] 
ai'm annoying you 使您困恼的i'm [translate] 
ait is all about you 它是所有关于您 [translate]